Panorama bike routes

On the island of Mön (Danish: Møn) several panoramic bike tours are signposted. They each have a specific motto. Each route has a three-digit number that can be found on the notice board under the picture of a bicycle. The word Panoramaroute = Danish for panoramic route is also written on the signpost. These panorama routes are designed as ring routes so that you always come back to the starting point. They are between 20 and 40 km long. Bicycles can be rented on Mön.

Panorama bike tour island Mön
Cycling on Moen

These panorama bike routes lead past sights, to particularly beautiful viewpoints, through a beautiful landscape and offer insights into the respective topic. There are refreshment stops and overnight accommodation along the route.

The sweet route

This route is also suitable for families with children. 25 km of paved, quiet country roads go up and down hills. The gradient is a maximum of 2%. If you calculate a driving speed of 11 km / h for an adult, the driving time is about 2 hours, with children accordingly more. This route leads through half-timbered villages adorned with hollyhocks. This route has the number 423.

View in the sunset over the rolling meadows of Mön.

Sights on this route
In Mön Boicher in the old sugar factory there is a candy factory. Your children can make lollipops themselves and you can stock up on sweets. The old basins of the former sugar factory are also worth seeing. Today they contain interesting biotopes.

Bodden Stege Nor is a 1.8 km wide and 7 km long coastal lagoon. It was created in the last ice age. Birds can be observed here, ideally with binoculars.

In Svensmarke, a half-timbered village adorned with hollyhocks, you can rent canoes, kayaks or catamarans and take a bike break on the water.

In the “blue mountains” in Keldbylille you can visit two very interesting, highly contrasting farms. In the historical museum courtyard, Museumsgà ¥ rden, you can immerse yourself in rural life in the past. In contrast, there is the modern dairy farm.

Medieval art can be seen in Keldby Church, which dates back to the 13th century, including 15th century frescoes.

Stege is a small medieval town where the city gate and ramparts are worth seeing. There is also a museum and numerous restaurants, cafes and shops here. If you happen to be in Stege on the first weekend in September, it is worth taking a look at the large herring market. It is more of a maritime culture festival than a simple market.

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The route “discovery tour with the family”

This 29 km route is also suitable for families with children. It can also be combined with the “Sweet Route”. It leads along the beach, past long salt meadows, through forests and into the nice little town of Nyord and over quiet country roads. It is barrier-free for hand cyclists. This route is marked with the number 422.

Sights of this route
The Möns Museum in Stege also offers temporary exhibitions suitable for children, a beautiful playground and a museum shop. In Stege you can also visit the medieval city gate and the fortress.

In Ulvshale you drive past street stalls along the beach wall and have a fantastic sea view. The Ulvshalegà ¥ rd nature center is located in the Ulvshale forest. A sensory path leads past beach meadows and grazing cattle.

At the Nyord Bridge there are salt meadows that are flooded several times a year and are a large bird sanctuary. From a bird tower you have a good view of the landscape and the animals.

Nyord Landsby is a village with old farms, an octagonal church, Denmark’s smallest museum and numerous shops and galleries.

The Hyldevang Nature Center offers a barrier-free sensory garden and an equally barrier-free bird platform, as well as a nature playground and a picnic hut with exhibitions.

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Panorama route On top of the world

This 18 km route is only for experienced cyclists. It requires a lot of stamina, as there are always up and down mountains. But then you will be rewarded with fantastic views. It is route number 421.

Sights on this route
In Liselund Park you will find lakes, monuments, interesting houses, watercourses and exotic plants.

The Dolmen Sømarkedyssen is an octagonal stone grave with numerous bowl-shaped depressions, which are magical symbols of a fertility cult. It was built around 3,300 BC. It stands 90 m above sea level and from here you have a fantastic view of East Mön.

The oldest part of Magleby Church was built in the 13th century. In the following centuries it was expanded in the Gothic style. Inside there is an altar panel from the 16th century and a relief carved representation of the crucifixion.

The Klintholm Gods estate with its large areas of forest and meadow operates agriculture and forestry.

There is a rest area at the old pump house in Mandemarke. From here the route follows the most beautiful mountain road in Denmark, the Busenevej. Here it goes through huge hills and you have a very nice view over the Baltic Sea and southeast Mön. Rare plants, insects and birds can be seen at the Høvblege Rasteplads rest area.

The GeoCenter Möns Klint is located in the forest of Klinteskoven. It shows the geological history of Denmark in interactive exhibitions.

Möns Klint with its typical chalk cliffs and stony beach is one of the most beautiful coastlines in Denmark. The highest point is the Dronningenstolen = queen’s chair. It is 128 m above sea level.

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