Bathing on the island of Mön

Moen is known for its diverse coastal landscapes (a total of 140 km of coastline) and not least for its beaches. There are some very fine sandy beaches here – not quite as fine as on Bornholm, but somewhat like on Rügen. We show you the best beaches on Mön.
At Moen, efforts are made to preserve the diversity of flora and fauna on the beaches. There are partially sanitary facilities and the beach is regularly cleaned of algae and washed up objects.

Klintholm Havn

There’s a lot going on here. There are a lot of tourists on the way. Nevertheless everyone will find a quiet place here. all information about the beach
Klintholm Havn beach is a beautiful sandy beach and is located on both sides of the beautiful fishing port
many facilities, marina, restaurants, shopping and accommodation.
Beach video

Søhundehavn (naturist)

The nudist beach is east of Ulvshale and has fine white sugar sand. There is not much going on here. With a little luck you will have the beach all to yourself. all information about the beach

Ulsvhale (nudist)

The main beach stretches from the Ulvshale peninsula for several kilometers east along the northwest coast. This section with a total width of almost 450 meters has fine-grained sand and a shallow entry as well as a children’s park. It is considered an exquisite place for swimming and is also great for horse riding, which especially attracts young people in droves.

There are quite a few tourists in the place. However, it gets lost on the 5 km long beach, which has been awarded a blue flag, so that nudists can swim here undisturbed. No trace of the crowd. There are beautiful dunes and fine white sugar sand. There is also wheelchair access, toilet and shopping. The latest news can be found on an information board on the beach.
Ulvshale beach is shallow and therefore very child-friendly.

Rabylille Beach on the south coast of Møn

is a nice residential area and a natural beach with many groynes. There are some rocks and algae between the groynes. However, there are some good bathing opportunities to be found while strolling along the beach. It is possible to walk along the beach – to Klintholm Havn.

Rytzebaek Beach on Vestmøn

The beach has good parking spaces just behind the beach, but no additional facilities. It’s a natural beach with sand and a few rocks in the water. The beach is very suitable for walks, both in the east towards the chalk cliffs and in the west to the Fanefjord forest with its beautiful, large beech trees. A beautiful beach for nature lovers.

Harbølle Beach is a large beach with dunes and sand.

Here is a campsite right next to the beach. Bathers use the public parking lots, from which a path leads down to the beach. There are good fishing opportunities not far from here (by the quarry). There is a kiosk, toilets and a cozy atmosphere.

Oddermose beach

If you want peace and quiet on the beach, you should definitely go to Oddermose. The beach is also highly recommended for dog lovers. There is even a toilet block in the parking lot, which serves as an intermediate storage facility for large stones. The beach itself is very rocky, but there are also good areas of sand. Ball sponges and lightning bolts can also be found there.

Københavns Lærerforenings Kolonier – Østersøen

Really good beach with a lot of sand and stones. You can also rent something here. link

A swim in the Baltic Sea on Mön