Welcome to the island of Møn

The island of Mön is located in the Danish Baltic Sea, directly on Falster and has about ten thousand inhabitants. Due to its location in the Baltic Sea, the island has a balanced climate and is suitable for people who want to escape the great summer heat in Germany.

Mön has many special features and advantages

With Moens Klint you will find the highest chalk cliffs in Europe. Caspar David Friedrich practiced here before painting the chalk cliffs of Rügen.

You will find a special light on Mön. The chalk cliffs and the Baltic Sea are certainly the reason for a very special glow, especially in the evening.

Mön has an extremely attractive landscape. Almost all of Europe’s landscapes come together here on a small island. From flat and level meadows to rocky, wooded ridges, you can explore the landscape on foot or by bike.

Many small pensions and holiday homes offer accommodation for every requirement and budget.

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Bed & Breakfast

Mön island is a Bed & / Breakfast island. Many small pensions, for example in old farms, invite you to take a short break.

Places on Mön

All information about the places on the island of Mön with insider tips. Let yourself be inspired.

Vacation Homes on Mön

Vacation homes

There are around 250 holiday homes on Mön. Together with Atraveo, we have selected the most beautiful houses.

getting there

Getting to the island of Mön is very easy. We’ll show you how to get to the island quickly and cheaply.

Chalk cliffs on Mön

The chalk cliffs of Mön are a world sensation. Higher than on Rügen, they are the island’s landmark.

Mön compact island

The island of Møn in the Danish Baltic Sea, the ideal place for a successful family vacation, offers lush natural landscapes and family-friendly living options. Variety and relaxation are balanced on Møn.

The three best ways to get to Møn

  • Option 1: drive to Puttgarden; from Puttgarden with the car ferry to Rødby (Lolland); 1 hour by car from Rødby (there are bridges to Møn).
  • Option 2: From Rostock by ferry to Gedser, Falster Island; 1 hour from Gedser to Møn.
  • Option 3: By train to Vordingborg, from there by bus to Stege.

Living on Møn

Camping holidays promise a touch of freedom and adventure. There are 6 campsites on Møn, all near the beach: Ulvshale Camping in Stege, Camping VestMøn near Askeby / Harbölle, Camping Mønbroen near Stege, Camping Møns Klint (near the limestone cliffs), Keldby Camping and Stege Camping.

Families spend their holidays in holiday apartments or houses on the island of Møn. Nevertheless, there are a small number of smaller hotels and inns with a lot of flair, for example Hotel Møn. Two pensions promise island-style living, Pension Elmehoj ( www.elmehoj.dk ) and the Pension Bakkegarden ( www.bakkegaarden64.dk ).

Vacation homes
A huge selection of holiday homes, most of them near the beach, offer families pleasant living comfort. Apartments can be found all over the island.

Sights on the island of Møn

The Klint
You will find impressive natural landscapes all over Møn. A natural spectacle in a class of its own, for which Møn is famous, is the 130 meter high cliff with its snow-white chalk cliffs (Möns Klint) in the popular east of the island. Behind the cliffs, the Klintenwald begins with numbered and well-signposted hiking trails, on the routes of which you can discover a lot.

The lighthouse
A trip to Møn’s lighthouse at the end of the cliff, whose fire can still be seen on the island of Rügen about 60 kilometers away, when the weather is clear, is worthwhile.

Museums sweeten a bad weather day. In addition to chalk stone, stone tools and ancient objects, the Møn Museum also shows themed changing exhibitions. A small theater museum in Westmøn with its unique stage exhibition offers cultural flair.

In addition to this summary, you will find valuable additional information about the island here on our website