Discover Nyord: An idyll between Møn and Zealand

Welcome to Nyord, a little paradise tucked away between Møn and Zealand. As part of Denmark’s first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the first Dark Sky Park in Scandinavia, Nyord offers a rare combination of untouched nature and nocturnal tranquillity, free from light pollution. Here, where the sky still gets really dark, you can observe the stars like nowhere else in Denmark.

The landscape of Nyord

Nyord stretches over just 5 km² with its characteristic moraine-covered hills. Surrounded by around 400 hectares of salt marshes, which are flooded by the sea in winter and grazed by sheep and cows in summer, the island offers a unique habitat for a variety of plants and animals. Nyord is a real paradise for bird lovers in particular. From the bird tower and the Hyldevang Nature Center, you can admire the hustle and bustle of the numerous bird species that rest or breed here.

The village of Nyord

Photo: Wisdom, Nyord Church

The heart of the island is the village of “Nyord By”, which has remained almost unchanged for centuries. It is one of the few villages in Denmark that managed to preserve its size and village plan before the major land reforms of the 19th century. A stroll through the narrow alleyways lets you feel the history of the village and admire the architectural beauty of the old farms and houses.

Nyord: a sky full of stars

It is so incredibly beautiful and uplifting to see the variety of stars in a way you never see them before.

One of the most magical aspects of Nyord is undoubtedly its recognition as part of the first Dark Sky Park in Scandinavia. In a world where artificial light is making the nights ever brighter, Nyord offers a refuge where the night sky shines in all its splendor. Here, far away from the light pollution of the cities, a universe is revealed that remains hidden to many of us. The Milky Way stretches across the sky like a luminous ribbon, and shooting stars orbit as you immerse yourself in the infinite expanse of the cosmos.

Nyord is a true paradise for astronomy enthusiasts and anyone longing for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Whether you’re an experienced astronomer or just looking up at the sky on a clear night, Nyord offers you a rare opportunity to experience the beauty of the night sky. So pack your telescopes or simply lie down on a blanket and let your gaze wander to the stars. Nyord is waiting to present you with one of the most spectacular natural light spectacles our world has to offer.

Find out more about Dark Sky here.

Nyord’s maritime history

The port of Nyord

Seafaring, trade and pilotage have shaped life on Nyord for centuries. The strategic location of the island already played an important role in the Viking Age. Nyord’s inhabitants were sought-after pilots who showed ships the way through the treacherous waters. The two pilot houses and the “Møllestangen” lookout still bear witness to this time.

Modern Nyord: bridge building and post boat return

Until 1968, Nyord was only accessible by boat, then the Nyord Bridge was opened and connected the island to the mainland. A particular highlight of recent history was the return of the historic mail boat “Røret”. After almost 40 years in private ownership, it has been lovingly restored and today resumes its original function of transporting visitors and bicycles between Nyord, South Zealand and Stege.

The port of Nyord

The harbor of Nyord, nestled in the tranquil and picturesque landscape of the island, is a place of peace and beauty. This original-looking harbor, located right next to the Nyord exhibition and the historic horse fairground, forms the heart of maritime life on the island. With its rich history and close connection to seafaring and pilotage, the harbor embodies the soul of Nyord and invites visitors to immerse themselves in a world that has remained almost untouched by time. The harbor is not only an anchor point for the local community and their fishing boats, but also a popular meeting place for tourists who want to enjoy the idyllic landscape and relaxed atmosphere. Surrounded by thatched cottages and overlooking the gentle waves, Nyord harbor offers an unparalleled insight into traditional island life and is a must-see for anyone visiting the island.

Trade and commerce on Nyord

Nyord mustard: a spicy tradition straight from the field to the bottle

One of the culinary specialties that Nyord has to offer is the locally grown Nyord mustard. The mustard plants thrive on the island’s fields without the use of pesticides, which not only benefits the environment, but also the quality of the mustard. The precious mustard seeds are processed in the historic mustard mill, which is located on the old horse fairground right next to the Nyord exhibition.

Visitors have the unique opportunity to experience the production process at first hand and learn about the love and care that goes into each mustard variety. Depending on the season, different variations can be sampled, which are then offered for sale in beautifully shaped glass or ceramic jars. This local specialty not only gives every dish a special bite, but is also a piece of the Nyord way of life that you can take home with you.

Despite its small size, trade flourishes on Nyord. From handmade works of art in the galleries to fresh local produce in the stores, Nyord attracts visitors who are looking for something special. Cafés and restaurants invite you to linger and offer delicious insights into the regional cuisine.

Nyord tips and recommendations

Nyord welcomes its guests with open arms, but asks for respect for the privacy of its residents. Enjoy your stay responsibly, keep dogs on a lead and don’t leave any garbage behind. There is accommodation to suit every taste, from rustic shelters to cozy bed & breakfasts.

Overnight accommodation on Nyord

Strågården Bed & Breakfast

  • Description: Cozy Bed & Breakfast with idyllic location and family atmosphere.
  • Website:
  • Phone: +45 25 77 82 16

Nyord B&B (Travel back in Time)

Bed & Breakfast Nyord
  • Description: Offers comfortable rooms in peaceful surroundings, ideal for nature and bird lovers.
  • Website:

Gæstehus with Bent and Yrsa Hansen

  • Description: Private guest house with personal flair, close to the nature center Hyldevang.
  • Contact for booking and information: Phone: +45 28 18 50 76 / +45 28 61 10 16

Shelters at Hyldevang Naturcenter

Each of these 4 cabins can accommodate up to six people, making them ideal for small groups or families who want to spend the night surrounded by nature. In order to preserve the quiet and protected atmosphere, it is necessary to book the shelters in advance, with a maximum stay of two nights. Visitors are asked not to set up any additional tents in order to protect the surrounding natural environment.

The area around Hyldevang not only offers drinking water and access to a simple toilet, but is also maintained by the dedicated forest helpers of Vordingborg Sociale Virksomheder. They not only keep things tidy, but sometimes also provide firewood. However, due to the popularity of the site, it is advisable to bring your own firewood to ensure that there is always enough for a cozy campfire. A stay at Hyldevang’s shelters promises an authentic nature experience in one of Denmark’s most beautiful protected areas.

  • Description: Spending the night in one of the shelters in the Hyldevang Nature Center is a pure nature experience. Ideal for adventure seekers and stargazers.
  • Website: udinaturen .dk

Lille Bod – day kiosk and overnight stay

  • Description: In addition to snacks and drinks during the day, the kiosk also offers simple overnight accommodation.
  • Website: No specific website available, but often mentioned in local travel guides and review portals.

Ragnhilds Gård

Ragnhilds Gård
  • Description: Ragnhilds Gård, located in Nyord, features a garden, a terrace, a restaurant and free WiFi throughout the property.
  • Booking is possible here

Please make sure you contact the respective accommodation directly to clarify availability, prices and specific requirements. Nyord offers a special atmosphere and tranquillity that will make your stay unforgettable.


  • Best time to travel? Spring to fall, especially when the birdlife is most active.
  • Activities? Birdwatching, stargazing, cycling and hiking.
  • Special events? Look out for local announcements for festivals and markets.


Nyord is more than just a destination; it is an experience that immerses you in nature while telling the story of a living village. Let yourself be enchanted by the peace and beauty of this special island and become part of the history of Nyord. We look forward to seeing you!

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