Riding on the island of Mön

Who offers horse riding?
The now almost 10,000 inhabitants of the almost 218 km² large island of Møn in the Danish South Zealand recognized early on that the use of horses not only in agriculture fits in well with the natural landscape conditions of their homeland, but that guests, holidaymakers and visitors to the idyllic island too You could really enjoy exploring the countless forest paths, flowering meadows, rolling hills and small villages and of course the imposing chalk cliffs of Møns Klint on the backs of noble thoroughbreds and half-bloods.

Two proven and well-known addresses for this are, for example, the Møns Klint Resort at Klintevej 544 in DK-479 Borre, not far from the eastern cliffs, the spacious establishment not only offers the already award-winning campsite and very cozy holiday homes, you can also take guided tours there participate or even professionally accommodate your own horse during your vacation. The resort works closely with the nationally renowned â € œMøn Islændercenterâ € as well as another horse rental company (â € œRent a Horseâ €), who are happy to assist guests with Icelandic horses, which are perfectly adapted to the terrain, as well as local guides and companions available for the rides. Also recommended is the Stenagergad horse pension in Klintevej 161 in DK-4780 Stege. The house offers a 20 by 60 meter long outdoor riding arena, the indoor riding arena (20 by 40 meters) that can be rented hourly, daily, monthly or semi-annually, the 40 by 80 meter jumping and grass field, the cross-country course with jumping opportunities in its own private forest, a truck for horse transport as well as a convenient location near the beach and forest and a bus stop right in front of the farm.

What is offered for riders?

These two providers, as well as many other private landlords of accommodation on Møn with riding offers for children, beginners and advanced riders such as in Askeby or Elmelund, of course, focus primarily on the scenic rides with a magnificent panorama, such as on the long sandy beach Klinteskoven below the chalk cliffs , to Liselund Park, to Jydelejet, Havrelukke, Klintholm and Høvblege, and many of the hiking trails on Møn can of course also be used by riders and their horses. If you don’t want to spend a whole riding holiday, but maybe just a morning or afternoon in the saddle on a stallion or mare, the rider packages offered by the tourist office in Storegade 2 in DK-4780 Stege are most likely to come into question include a few hours of riding. Therapeutic riding under expert and professional guidance, on the other hand, can also be used with a clear conscience in the aforementioned â € œMøn Islændercenterâ € in Borre Use of horses.

What are the conditions like for riding on Mön?

As it should have already become apparent from what has been written so far, the conditions for a riding holiday on Møn are almost ideal. In addition to the briefly outlined infrastructure and offer structure, it should also be noted that it is on the island – with the possible exception of the main summer season “There is relatively little private car traffic, car traffic is not allowed at all on the small neighboring island of Nyord, which is accessible via a dam and is known for its bird sanctuary. Riders do not have to worry about endangering themselves or their animals, and horses are generally accepted and highly respected on the island, as for centuries they were the most important and indispensable agricultural tools of the mostly rural population at the time. In 2013, for the first time in 45 years, one of the previously very frequent dog hunts on horseback will take place, which is organized by the Møns Reitklub, the Storstrøms Hunting Riding Club and the Hamburg Drag Hunting Club in cooperation with the three estates Nordfeld, Liselund and Klintholm . This is also just a so-called hunt for a track that has been laid, live game is of course not harmed. New registrations from interested participants are unfortunately no longer possible due to the upcoming event (September 7, 2013), but spectators and those interested in future hunts are of course welcome.

Riding on vacation on the island of Mön

Where can you book and can you recommend riding holidays on the island of Mön?

You can book directly or obtain information about the exact booking formalities, dates and special offers at all of the above facilities, which can also be reached online and maintain a detailed network presence. If you have your own Danish language skills, you can also find out more about special events for horse lovers on Møn and the surrounding area on the homepage of the Danish Ride Forbund or from its local member, the Møns Sportsrideklub in Stege. But even without relevant competitions and races, the island of Møn is unreservedly and warmly recommended for a horse-riding holiday without further ado for horse lovers of all ages.

Photos: © Niclas Jessen