Discover the GeoCenter Møns Klint: A gateway to the past

The GeoCenter Møns Klint is not only a highlight for nature and history lovers, but also a testimony to the deep connection between man and earth. Situated by the breathtaking chalk cliffs of Møn, it offers a unique combination of education, adventure and natural beauty.

Insights into the GeoCenter

The GeoCenter Møns Klint serves as a living museum that conveys the geological wonders of the earth and the history of the chalk cliffs in an interactive way. Visitors can trace the development of the earth here, from the times when Denmark was covered by a warm arm of the sea to the Ice Age.

The GeoCenter exhibition is filled with activities that are both educational and entertaining for all ages. Particularly noteworthy are the works of five of Denmark’s best artists, who depict their visions of the geological creation of Møns Klint.

Here you can get to know the tides and the effect of waves and wind. Really great!

Experience nature

In addition to the fascinating exhibition, the GeoCenter is also an ideal starting point for exploring the surrounding nature. With a variety of outdoor activities ranging from hiking on marked trails to mountain bike tours, the area around the GeoCenter invites you to explore the unique landscape of Møns Klint on foot or on two wheels. For those who want to experience nature from its quieter side, there are picnic areas and overnight accommodation in primitive shelters.

Arrival and visitor information

The GeoCenter Møns Klint is located near the impressive chalk cliffs and is easy to find. The address for navigation devices is “Stengårdsvej 8, 4791 Borre, Denmark”. There is a large, paid parking lot and several smaller parking lots nearby. Cyclists should use the “Kridtstien” cycle path, which offers a safe route to the GeoCenter. Dogs are welcome as long as they are kept on a lead.

For more information, opening times and special events, please visit the official website or, where you can also find detailed maps and directions.

Gastronomy and catering

You don’t have to go hungry during your stay at GeoCenter Møns Klint. At the GeoCenter, you will find a selection of dining options ranging from small snacks to full meals. The cuisine emphasizes fresh, local ingredients and offers a variety to satisfy every palate. Enjoy your meal with a view of the breathtaking landscape that surrounds Møns Klint.

Photo: © Daniel Villadsen


The GeoCenter Møns Klint is a place that not only imparts knowledge, but also invites you to marvel and discover. It offers the perfect mix of education and nature experience, nestled in the breathtaking landscape of Møn. A visit here is an unforgettable experience that inspires visitors of all ages and brings them closer to the beauty of our planet.