Angel on the island of Møn

The island has beautiful white sand beaches, high cliffs and rocky coasts. In this blog I will focus on fishing in Møn. Fishing on Møn is very popular with both locals and tourists. In the early hours of the morning, when the water is clear, you can see the brightly colored pink and blue stripes in the water. In the deep dark nights, the fishermen go out on the water by boat and come back hours later with a catch. The fish population on Møn is breathtaking. If you like sea trout, Møn is the place for you. There you will find beautiful strong sea trout fights.

Sea trout fishing on the island of Mön

Looking for the perfect fishing adventure? Then the island of Mön is just right for you! This jewel in the Danish South Sea offers anglers almost everything their heart desires, from spectacular scenery to a variety of fish species. Here is a comprehensive guide that shows you why Mön is a paradise for anglers and how you can swing your fishing rod there.

Introduction: Why Mön?

Mön, often referred to as the “little sister” of the German island of Rügen, shares its impressive chalk coastline and also offers unique fishing opportunities. Whether you’re after sea trout, pike, perch or herring, Mön will make your angler’s heart beat faster.

Sea trout: The silver bars of the Baltic Sea

Sea trout in the sea in front of the chalk cliffs on Mön.

Fishing on the cliffs of Mön is considered one of the most spectacular fishing adventures in Europe. The coastal waters are a paradise for sea trout, which can be found particularly on the chalk coast around the 128-meter-high Møns Klint. Thanks to the low salt content of the water, you can fish successfully for sea trout all year round.

The best fishing spots for sea trout:

  • Møns Fyr: One of the best spots with deep water and a rocky bottom. Ideal in light winds.
  • Store Klint: Known for its impressive scenery and the chance of catching cod alongside the sea trout.
  • Jydelejet (half-moon reef): A somewhat remote spot, but one that rewards you with beautiful sea trout.

Brackish water predators: pike and perch

In addition to sea trout, Mön offers excellent conditions for fishing for pike and perch, especially in Stege Nor, a brackish water lake in the heart of the island. The shallow water zones are ideal for fly fishermen who want to fish for pike. Note that strict catch & release applies for pike.

Other exciting fishing spots:

  • Stege Havn and Stege Nor: Perfect for street fishing and known for large pike and perch.
  • Klintholm Havn: Known for good perch catches, especially in the boat marina area.

Tips and resources for anglers

  • Seasonal tips: Spring and fall are the best times to land big fish. Garfish are also an interesting prey in May and June.
  • Licenses and rules: Find out about local regulations and protect Møn’s unique nature.
  • Useful websites: For more information and fishing guides visit websites such as

Campsites for anglers

For those who want to combine their fishing trip with a camping adventure on the picturesque island of Mön, there are a number of idyllic campsites that offer both proximity to nature and the best fishing spots. Camping Møns Klint( in the east of the island is ideal for anglers who want to explore the chalk coast. With its location close to Møns Klint, it offers a perfect base. In the north of the island, we recommend the Ulvshale Strand campsite(, which boasts a beautiful beach location. For those who prefer the west side of the island, Camping Vestmøn( with its natural surroundings is a good choice. Camping Mønbroen( is located directly by the Ulvsund bridge and offers good infrastructure and access to various fishing spots. Not forgetting Keldby Camping Møn(, which is located close to Stege Nors and is open all year round, making it an excellent option all year round.

You can hire boats here

For anglers who want to explore the waters around Mön from a boat, Mønbådene Bådudlejning boat hire is an excellent option. Located in the harbor of Stege, this rental is ideal for those who want to fish for pike and perch on the Stege Nor or in the Stege Bay. The boats are between 14 and 16 feet long, equipped with 4 to 6 hp engines and promise an unforgettable fishing adventure. A boat costs around 80 euros (600 DKK) per day including fuel. Due to the high demand, especially in spring and fall, it is advisable to book early to ensure that a boat is available for your fishing adventure. You can find more information and bookings on the website: or you can contact the boat rental company directly by email( or phone (+45 2143 8486).

Arrival for anglers

Getting to Mön is straightforward and offers various options depending on the starting point. From the south, west or north of Germany, a route leads via Hamburg, Flensburg, Kolding in Jutland, via Odense in Funen to Vordingborg on Zealand. This route does not require a ferry crossing, but there is a charge for the bridge over the Great Belt (more information at An alternative route leads from Hamburg to Puttgarden on Fehmarn, from where you can take the ferry( to Rødby on Lolland. For travelers from eastern Germany, the Rostock-Gedser ferry connection with Scandlines is the first choice. Regardless of the route you choose, the scenic routes and Denmark’s well-developed infrastructure make traveling to Mön a pleasant part of the vacation experience.


Mön is more than just a fishing destination; it is a place where nature, adventure and passion come together. Whether you are looking for the tranquillity of fly fishing, the challenge of catching a large sea trout or the adrenaline of fighting a large pike, Mön has something for every angler. So pack your fishing rod and experience an unforgettable fishing adventure on the beautiful island of Mön!