Angel on the island of Møn

The island has beautiful white sand beaches, high cliffs and rocky coasts. In this blog I will focus on fishing in Møn. Fishing on Møn is very popular with both locals and tourists. In the early hours of the morning, when the water is clear, you can see the brightly colored pink and blue stripes in the water. In the deep dark nights, the fishermen go out on the water by boat and come back hours later with a catch. The fish population on Møn is breathtaking. If you like sea trout, Møn is the place for you. There you will find beautiful strong sea trout fights.

Sea trout fishing on the island of Mön

There are many different ways to enjoy fishing on the beautiful island of Møn. Whether you are looking for a relaxing experience or a fun outing with friends, fishing on the island of Møn is perfect for you! You can fish every day on the island of Møn, whether on the coast or from a boat. The anglers on Møn are true connoisseurs and are always looking for the perfect place to cast their line. Experience the tranquility of fishing with friends or family, or enjoy the solitude with your own thoughts. There are different types of fishing on the island of Møn. Fly fishing is perfect on Mön.

Which fish can you catch on the island of Mön?

If you’re looking for a fish to catch, we’ve got you covered.

1) A burbot – The burbot is a white, freshwater fish that lives in cold, fast-flowing streams and usually lives underwater at a depth of less than ten meters. They like to live in habitats with herbaceous vegetation and sandy substrate.

2) The sea trout – The sea trout is a fish that lives in the Atlantic and Mediterranean and feeds on crustaceans and plankton that live in the water. They prefer to live in deep waters and only go up into fresh water to spawn.

The following lists the fish you can also catch on the island of Møn: – Catfish – Char – Black salmon – Seagull – Sea trout – Sea bream – Sea bass – Cod – Redfish – Herring – Red rock bass – the list may not be complete.