Holiday home with dog on Møn

We know that a vacation home with a dog is often a good choice for animal lovers. First of all, having your pet with you for the duration of your vacation is great, and it is also good for the animals to experience new environments. Some vacation rentals are better than others so it is important to do your research.

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Who says that your dog can’t come on holiday with you to Møn? You may have realized that your dog is more than just a pet: he’s a member of the family. And since we’re not just talking about another vacation, but a vacation that will go down in history as one of the most popular and memorable trips of all time, why not take the whole gang with you to the holiday home on Møn? There could be a million reasons not to take your dog on vacation. But there are a million reasons to go along with it, and we’re going into some of those reasons to help you make up your mind.

The dog forest on Mön

If you are considering a holiday with your dog on Møn, you shouldn’t deny yourself and your dog a visit to Stege Hundeskov.

It has fine mesh fences and there are five solid self-closing gates into the dog forest.

Hundeskoven is located in Stege, on Kobbelvej, directly across from Pilevej. Note that Kobbelvej is closed to through traffic from the direction of Centrum. You can therefore choose whether you want to go from Katedralvej to Kobbelvej.

Note that the addresses of the dog forest and the parking lot are the closest postal addresses and the GPS coordinates show the exact position.

You can park here: Kobbelvej 28, 4780 Stege, Denmark

swimming in the sea

Bathing in the sea stimulates the circulation and gets your dog going. The varied landscape of the island of Mön with Möns Klint or the nearby safari park offers your dog lots of new adventures. Also on the ferry to Denmark (Rostock-> Gedser auf Falster) dogs are allowed – drinking bowls are available. So treat yourself to a vacation with your dog on the Danish island of Mön. We recommend Ulvshale, Bogö or the island’s capital Stege.

We will soon be going on vacation to Møn. We look forward to enjoying nature, admiring the scenery and visiting some historical places. We also look forward to taking our dog with us on vacation. It is important for us to take our dog with us to the island, because he is an important part of our family and he is used to traveling in different countries. We plan to go for a walk with them, run with them, go to the beach, visit forests, visit historical places on Møn. That’s going to be great.

© Photo: Mette Johnsen