Discover the beauty of Denmark: Öresund Bridge & Gedser ferry combined ticket

Your gateway to an unforgettable experience

Welcome to the island of Møn, a jewel of Denmark with its breathtaking nature, picturesque landscapes and rich history. For travelers wishing to visit this magical place, the Öresund Bridge and Gedser ferry combined ticket offers an easy, cost-effective and convenient way to make the journey. In this text you will learn everything you need to know about this fantastic travel option and how you can easily book your ticket online.

The combined ticket: one bridge, one ferry, endless possibilities

The combined ticket is your ticket to a stress-free trip to Møn and beyond. It combines two essential means of transportation – the majestic Öresund Bridge and the relaxed crossing by ferry from Gedser – in a single ticket. This not only saves time and money, but also offers the opportunity to enjoy the journey through beautiful Scandinavian landscapes.

Why choose the combined ticket?

  1. Simplicity: No switching between different booking platforms. One ticket, one booking.
  2. Cost efficiency: You save money compared to buying individual tickets.
  3. Flexibility: Different departure times allow you to plan your trip according to your needs.
  4. Experience: The trip across the Öresund Bridge and the subsequent ferry crossing are unique experiences in themselves.

How does the combined ticket work?

The combined ticket includes the toll for the Öresund Bridge and the ferry crossing from Gedser to Rødby. This allows you to leave Sweden, cross the impressive Öresund Bridge to Denmark and then take the ferry to the beautiful island of Møn and beyond.

Online booking: quick, easy, convenient

Booking your combined ticket online is the easiest way to start your journey. Visit, select the Öresund Bridge & Gedser ferry combined ticket and follow the instructions. The platform is user-friendly and guides you step-by-step through the booking process.

Price example: A standard combination ticket for a vehicle including driver can be available from EUR 110. This is an illustrative example; for current prices and offers please visit our website.

Why book online?

  • Guaranteed places: Secure a place on the ferry for you and your vehicle.
  • Early booking discounts: Benefit from possible discounts if you book early.
  • Save time: Avoid waiting times at the ticket counter.
  • Convenience: Book from anywhere, at any time.

Your adventure begins here

The island of Møn and the whole of Denmark are waiting to be discovered by you. With the Öresund Bridge & Gedser ferry combined ticket, nothing stands in the way of your adventure. Experience the freedom and beauty of this unique journey and start your discovery tour through the Scandinavian idyll.

Book your combined ticket online today at and immerse yourself in the incomparable beauty of Denmark. Your adventure awaits you!