The Dark Sky Park on Møn and Nyord: a paradise for stargazers

In the heart of the Danish islands of Møn and Nyord lies a jewel that attracts nature lovers and astronomy enthusiasts alike. As the first International Dark Sky Park and International Dark Sky Community in the Nordic region, awarded a Gold Award by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) in 2017, this place offers one of the best opportunities in the world to admire the starry sky in all its glory. This award highlights the outstanding local efforts to minimize light pollution and protect the night sky for scientific, natural, educational and cultural purposes while making it accessible to the public.

The darkness on Møn and Nyord is something very special, with one of the lowest levels of light pollution in Denmark. The preservation of this pristine darkness was recognized in 2017 with Dark Sky Park status, making Møn and Nyord a member of the global community of places known for their dense darkness and rich starry skies. It is the first park of its kind in Scandinavia, a recognition that emphasizes the importance of darkness and the rich starry sky for the identity of Møn and Nyord.

Experiences in the dark

Dark Sky with Milky Way on Mön

The experience of darkness on Møn and Nyord is unique. Whether walking through the shadows or resting under the stars, the darkness awakens the senses and offers an experience that has become rare in the modern world. In addition to the spectacular view of the Milky Way and nearby galaxies such as the Andromeda galaxy, the darkness offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world in which light and shadow, visibility and invisibility merge in a fascinating way.

Resources and information

To fully enjoy the dark nights of Møn and Nyord, there are numerous resources and local guides to help visitors discover the unique sky experiences. From official websites to specialized apps, stargazers and nature lovers can find everything they need for their adventure under the stars:

Where to stay overnight?

For those who want to spend a night or more under the starry skies of Møn and Nyord, there are numerous places to stay, from campsites and shelters to B&Bs and hotels that specialize in dark sky experiences:

  • Camping and accommodation in Dark Sky Park:
    • Dark Sky Camp and Camp Møns Klint
  • Shelters:
    • Mandemarke Gardens Shelters and Møns Klint Shelters
    • Hyldevang Campsite Nyord Shelters
  • B&B and hotels with a dark sky focus:

Five tips for an unforgettable night-time experience

  1. Wear thermal clothing to ward off the cold.
  2. Give your eyes time to adjust to the darkness.
  3. Relax and enjoy the starry sky to the full.
  4. Use red light so as not to impair your night vision.
  5. Enjoy the excitement of darkness with confidence.

The Dark Sky Park on Møn and Nyord is not only a tribute to the remarkable efforts to preserve the night sky, but also an invitation to discover the wonders of the universe while treating our natural environment with respect.

Photo: Per Rasmussen