The chalk cliffs of Mön

I’m back from vacation and I’m happy to tell you about my incredible experience with the chalk cliffs on the island of Møn. I had never seen anything like it and was blown away by the sheer size and power of the cliffs! It’s not an everyday sight to see cliffs made up of 50 meters of pure chalk, but that’s the beauty of traveling and seeing such unique sights.

I know Møns Klint is a fantastic place for nature lovers. The cliff is 128 meters high and the rest of the coast is about 7 km long. I find these numbers pretty exciting to say the least.

© Niclas Jessen Moens Klint

I’ve visited Møns Klint a couple of times and was lucky enough to be able to enjoy the sunny weather. The white chalk cliffs, grassy wilderness area, and the walk to the cliff edge make this place a wonderful place to visit. The coastline is extraordinary, with many long, flowery slopes, grassy areas and the gentle North Sea.

Wild orchids

If you’re looking for the perfect place to find wild orchids, you’ve come to the right place. The high lime content of the soil provides a natural home for these rare flowers.

The cliff was constantly changing due to the wind factor, moreover, it is influenced by the weather, which means that the cliff is constantly in a state of decay and change. This decay together with the water made for an interesting color combination: The Caribbean blue and green of the water make you smile.

Slight landslides are common in the winter and spring periods, but can occur year-round. The compaction of clay, silt and chalk can lead to landslides, so that both loose chalk and massive amounts of rainwater erode the cliffs into the sea.

The stairs

The stairs lead down from the cliff to the beach.

If you are not afraid of heights, then the descent should not be a problem either, as there is the Maglevand staircase with 497 steps right by Geocenter Møns Klint, which you can climb down from the edge of the cliff and on which you can ascend the height when descending from up to Can really feel 70 meters.

Does that sound like a long way to go? I can hardly blame you for that, because it can be a tedious endeavor. Unless you take small breaks every now and then where you can see both the forest and the cliffs, which makes things less terrible (but no less scary).

You can also get a different perspective of the cliff by taking a short turn to the boardwalk to stroll over the blue waves.

Video of the descent from Möns Klint and a view of the chalk cliffs

Learn more about Klinten

in the GeoCenter Møns Klint you can read the full story about the formation of the cliff Experienced .
If you arrive by car, you have to pay a small fee in the parking lot of the GeoCenter.

Here you will find overnight accommodations on the island of Mön.

Photo in the header: © Daniel Villadsen