About us

Your time is precious. Use it for what really counts: Time with the family, for hobbies, for body and soul. Time for you. Insel-moen.de is your guide to unforgettable moments on the island of Møn.

Since my childhood in Rostock after reunification, I have been drawn to Denmark time and again. I grew up with stories about the friendly country in the north and the adventures of the Olsen Gang. My first short trip to Møn was 20 years ago, and I immediately fell in love with the special light reflecting off the chalk in the water and the surprising variety of landscapes – from the mudflats to the rolling hills. In Stege, I discovered the small, fine butchers and charming B&Bs. Over time, Møn became a place that I not only visited alone or with my child, but a place that I wanted to share with the world.

The birth of Insel-Moen.de

My enthusiasm for Møn and the limited capacity of the small island led me to create Insel-Moen.de. The response was overwhelming. I received numerous requests for overnight stays, which I initially passed on to the wonderful Susanne Noehr, long before there were any booking portals. Today I receive a small commission for every booking via the site. I won’t get rich with it – but that’s not the goal either. The aim is to share the beauty of Møn with you.

Insel-Moen.de – More than just a website

On Insel-Moen.de you will find everything your heart desires: from secret hiking routes to the best picnic spots and cultural treasures. The site is a result of my love for the island and the desire to share this love with you. Every recommendation, every story is a piece of my heart.

Bookings – Support the project

Every booking via Insel-Moen.de helps to keep this project alive. The choice may be limited, but that’s what makes Møn so charming. We focus on quality rather than quantity, on experiences that will be remembered.

A thank you

I would like to thank everyone who contributes to the continuation and expansion of Insel-Moen.de through their bookings. My aim is for this site to become not just a gateway to Møn, but a place where lovers of this unique island can meet, exchange ideas and be inspired.

Welcome to Møn – your island for special moments