Holiday home on Mön with dog

With the dog to Mön

The island of Mön is ideal for a vacation with the dog. We have numerous holiday homes in this holiday area with pet permission in our program that allow you to take a dog with you and are also equipped to do so. The beach of Mön offers your four-legged friends enough exercise.

Vacation on Mön you with dog

Accommodation on Mön with dog is allowed – no extra charge.

Vacation time is family time and your pet is an important family member! Like its “humans”, dogs enjoy long walks, cozy moments of play, relaxing hours in the shade or “water sports” on the beach. It is part of the image of a harmonious family vacation.

At Atraveo, you can bring your pet with you in many of the holiday homes. If you are looking for a holiday home that your dog should live in, all you have to do is select the search criteria “Pets allowed” and mark them with “Yes”. Then you get all the holiday homes that the four-legged vacationers would welcome.

It’s easy and convenient to have the dog in a cabin on vacation

Both house categories allow max. 2 animals of the species: dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster and turtle. For example, if you bring your dog to a vacation home with you, don’t worry about extra cleaning costs. It is completely free to bring your dog to a Novasol holiday home. Remember to clean the dog and clean it as usual on departure. You can of course also opt for a final cleaning, then we swing the vacuum cleaner into the hut.

When booking your holiday home on Mön, it is advisable to always indicate whether you are bringing pets.

In all holiday homes marked with the symbol on the dog, all four-legged holidaymakers are welcome on Mön.

You may max. Bring 2 pets during the stay, unless otherwise stated to Mön.

If you want to learn more about the rules for traveling with a dog in the wild, please visit the Forest and Nature Agency.

Dog forests in Denmark

There are many dog forests in Denmark where you have to travel with a dog without a leash. You can find an overview of the forests in Denmark on this page:

Bathing in the sea stimulates the circulation and gets your dog going. The varied landscape of the island of Mön with Möns Klint or the nearby safari park offers your dog lots of new adventures. Dogs are also allowed on the ferry to Denmark (Rostock-> Gedser auf Falster) – drinking bowls are available. So treat yourself to a vacation with your dog on the Danish island of Mön. We recommend Ulvshale, Bogö or the island’s capital Stege.